The Goblin Cave Studios is fully equipped to handle ADR, Voice Over, and Foley recording. Our sound proofed recording booths in both Vancouver and Calgary, combined with top of the line microphones and pre-amplifiers will provide the quality you need to get your project started out right.


Talented sound artists, an extensive sound library and state of the art editing tools ensure that your film or video game has the best sound possible. 


The Goblin Cave Studios provides 5.1 surround and stereo mix options. High quality sound monitoring and experienced sound mixers means that you can be confident that your project will sound great on any system, whether it's a full theatrical sound system or your television at home.


The sound team at The Goblin Cave Studios has extensive knowledge of audio implementation with just about every game engine on the market today. Whether you just want some sound assets sent your way or you want complete implementation and mixing, our team has the tools and knowledge to make your game sound its best.